How to Plan A Romantic Vacation Like A Pro- (An Expert Guide)

A romantic vacation or honeymoon is not something that can be thought up in the spur of the moment. You don’t want anything to go wrong during this important occasion. Soulmates need a perfect romantic getaway to celebrate their love, get to know each other and renew their feelings.

That said, planning a vacation, especially when you are going to another part of the world, is not an easy thing. There are little things that you need to know and even bigger plans you need to have in place to make it a success. This expert guide might point you in the direction when it comes to planning a romantic vacation for the first, second or even third time.

How to Plan A Romantic Vacation Like A Pro- (An Expert Guide)

Don’t Go Overboard- Be Practical

Yes, we all want to have a perfect romantic getaway full of smiles, kissing, adventure and pure bliss. However, it’s good to be practical if you want your romantic vacation to be a success. Think about the time you need to spend on vacation. This will help you choose your destination and make early contingency plans. Remember, booking early is cheaper for most services on a vacation.

Also, try and be a bit sober with the selection of your destination. A thrilling adventure in the amazon or partying under the lights of Las Vegas might sound like a brilliant idea but how practical is it as a romantic vacation? Do you really want all that drama in a time when all you would want is to discover and enjoy each other’s company?

On the same point, it’s critical to be realistic about how much you are willing to spend. You might spend a whole year or more saving up for that honeymoon but then never enjoy the moment because of the financial dent at the end. It’s the small things that matter, I’d rather have a blissful Bali cruise tour in the Indonesian archipelago than spend an arm and leg on an expensive Caribbean vacation.

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Choose the Right Season to Travel

Romantic vacations should have some level of exclusivity and privacy. The last thing you want to do on your honeymoon is jostling with hundreds of holidaymakers at the resorts and beaches. You might find it more enjoyable if you slot your vacation into the offseason when no one is in town. Off-season vacations are not only exclusive but also way cheaper. There are romantic destinations such as Bali and the Maldives that operate almost all year round with very short rainy seasons.

Make It Random- Avoid Making Strict Schedules

Spontaneity spices up romantic vacations. You shouldn’t get bogged down with a strict schedule when on holiday with your soulmate. It’s the random events that make the occasion memorable. You can have a bucket list but feel free to sway from the plans when an opportunity arises. A random schedule is less stressful, you will be happy with yourself when the time comes to hop on the return flight knowing you didn’t miss anything.

Do Your Research – Know Everything About the Destination

It’s always good to spend some time to explore your desired destination from afar. Watch a YouTube video about the place, read a book or some online articles, study their culture and most importantly, look for testimonials.  Bali is a popular destination for romantic couples like you so won’t have trouble finding some testimonial online.

Get Your Romantic Game in Order

What’s the point of going for a romantic vacation if you don’t know how to be romantic in the first place? Read about some of the things you can do to celebrate your love while vacationing. Make sure you and your soulmate are mentally prepared for the trip.

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Final Words

Every romantic vacation should be unforgettable and perfect. Avoid carrying smartphones and tablets to your vacation- just switch off, you won’t die! Make sure you have everything in order before you travel; visas, passports, vaccines, etc. Bob Voyage!

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